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Genetic Engineering, Eugenics, Autism and the MMR Vaccine

In the UK, Autism spectrum disorder (“autism”), or ASD affects around 1.5 million people and worldwide the number of sufferers is in the region of 50 million. These numbers have been rising significantly each year.

Autism affects information processing in the brain and the inter-connection of nerve cells and their organisation, but how this happens exactly is not completely understood. However, autism is widely accepted to be a neurological disorder of early childhood origin whereby sufferers have difficulties with social interaction and communication, and perform restricted and repetitive behaviour. These symptoms usually come into play in the first three years of a child’ life and generally worsen in their future years.

This article is a summary review of the epidemiology of autism, its links to eugenics, genetic engineering and vaccines. It concludes that there is significant link between the M-MRVAXPRO vaccine and autism.


Andre Alexander

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