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Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 9 https:/ Stroke Prevention in Primary Care in India A Review Nisha Bhati and Shubham Bhati https:/ A Treatment for the Prevention of Breast Cancer Jhon Pedrik https:/ Enforcement of Section 5 of COTPA in a District in South India Hits and Misses Naresh Kumar SJ https:/ To Assess the Efficacy Outcomes of Patients Undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy in a Tertiary Care Hospital A Retrospective Study Eldhose Elias George, Anjali Ambrose, Dr Shaji George and Dr Judith Aaron https:/ Peoples Perception towards Persons with Disabilities PwDs A CrossSectional Study Tilak TVSVGK Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 9, Issue 1 https:/ The Risks for Cardiovascular Diseases and Preventive Care Akira Aoi https:/ Application of Healthcare Measures to Prevent Diseases Haruto Aoi https:/ Preventive Cardiology and Cardiovascular Risk Management Hinata Akio https:/ The Essence of Preventive Gynecological Care Botan Ayaka https:/ Risk Assessment and Prevention Strategies in Leafy Green Salad Processing Akihiko Akari https:/ Economic Perspectives in Preventive Healthcare Evaluating Policy Shifts Akihito Akari https:/ Preventive Medicines Clinical Role in Healthcare Akihito Hu https:/ Health Anxiety in the Context of Infectious Diseases Jinne Hu https:/ Preventive Dental Procedures and Examinations Harry Buck https:/ Integrating Screening into Public Health Initiatives Johan Jin Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 8, Issue 6 https:/ Implications for Addressing Global Health Risks in Food Production Vipul Yu https:/ Precaution Measure and Preventive Treatment Jianalia Hue https:/ Calcifediol and Vitamin D in the Treatment or Prevention of Vitamin D Deficiency Roger Bouillon https:/ Dietary Factors Influencing Vitamin D Status Enkhmaa Ankhbat https:/ A Critical Review of Evidence on Bone Health and Fracture Prevention Sambuu Ganmaa https:/ Avoidance of Pneumonia to Treatment of Coronavirus Polyna Khudyakov https:/ External Muscle Health and Fall Prevention among Older Adults Wedner Ross https:/ Type 2 Diabetes Perspective of Health Prevention Dengju Liu https:/ Preventive Impacts of Vitamin D on SARSCov2 Ferrari Bess https:/ Estimate of the Health Care Costs Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder Jane Yu Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 8, Issue 5 https:/ Preventive Medicine for Cancer Detection Based on Applications Crazy Robert https:/ Preventing Medicine Preparing Center Abilities Incorporate Biostatistics Hussan Yhu https:/ Its Impressive Commitment to Disseminating Preventive Medication and Research Smoking Cigarettes C Wiley https:/ Applied to Other Screening Programs by the Preventive Administrations Team Mohammad Hassan https:/ Care Guidance Supports Health Systems and Mental Health Providers with Advancing Behavioral Health Equity Avoiding Relapses and Readmissions Craig Parker Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 8, Issue 4 https:/ Pulmonary Endothelial Dysfunction Target is Vasodilation and Anti Proliferation Yuan Ruhans https:/ Quarterly Photodynamic Therapy for Prevention of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Arusha Yu https:/ Secondary and Tertiary Prevention of Atopic Dermatitis Joshua David https:/ Dietary Bioactive Compounds on Breast Cancer Prevention Logan Robert https:/ Bosom Malignant Growth is a Worldwide Medical Condition Parvaneh Marzieh https:/ Prevention and Treatment Strategies in Rehabilitation Facilities William Tyler https:/ The Impact of Prevention Melanoma Mortality Timothy Joshua https:/ Evaluation of Materials on Preventing Chronic Diseases Jane Yu https:/ Interacting with Hair Growth Cycle Regulation Molecules Maryanne Makredes https:/ Prevention of Hair Loss by Scalp Cooling During Chemotherapy Den Hurk Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 8, Issue 3 https:/ Assessment of Serum Lead Cadmium and Manganese in Male Sawmillers within Ekpoma and its Environs Otiti Iyegbekosa https:/ Preventative Measure and Intermittent Preventive Treatment ZhengJia Yu https:/ RSV Also Prevented the Overproduction of Superoxide Anion and Protein Michael Lin https:/ HPV Genotype Prevalence in This Region of the Country are Severely Lacking Emma Vu https:/ Skin Cancer Prevention Were Significant Factors Associated With Professional Practices Yuah Wu https:/ HIVMycobacterium Tuberculosis MTB Coinfection Are All Examined in This Chapter Solaki Swin https:/ Neutralize Gram Negative Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides in Sepsis and Septic Gisa rusal https:/ Food and Drug Administration and Drug Dependence Jespersen Dai https:/ Prevention and Treatment Can Be More Precisely and Frequently Tailored ZhengJia Yu https:/ Heterogeneity and Methodological Variability in Food Safety Surveys Kramer Belew Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 12 https:/ Population Health In Keeping With the Definition of Translational Epidemiology Hasan Lin https:/ Heart Failure Epidemic Is Growing and its Prevention Linda Lin https:/ Pandemic on Prevention Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Cancer Xiaobo Vu https:/ Primary and Secondary Skin Cancer Prevention Vilchez Wu https:/ Smoking Has Been Associated With Excess Risks of TB Infection Tsolaki Swin Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 11 https:/ A Cornerstone of Quality Nursing Care in Most Healthcare Organizations Patrick Meurs https:/ The Public Health Structure were Asked to Assess if these were Critical Factors Helen https:/ Improve Foodborne Disease Prevention Foster Global Health Security Zayed Krasny https:/ Findings of Performance Measurement is Widely Accepted in Public Health Latchem https:/ Disease Burden and Design Successful Cancer Control and Prevention Hanson Barr Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 10 https:/ The Strong Impact of Colorectal Cancer on Public Health There is Cause for Optimism Sara Nakamura https:/ A Model of Interprofessional and Public Health Education is Included Reitan https:/ Awareness that Public Health Intervention is Part of the Emerging Scope Erik Rowe https:/ The Public Health Causal Chain between Interventions and Results Pattison Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 6, Issue 11 https:/ Significant Genetic Factors and Neuropathology behind Alzheimers Disease pAlexander Clarkep https:/ Multiple Factors Including Environment and Genetic Factors and Pathogenesis Involved in giving Rise to Parkinsons Disease pJohn Williams Richp https:/ Isoniazid Metabolism Involved in Treatment of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pMichael L Charlesp https:/ How Lack of Nutrition is concerned with Depression and Mental Health Complications pMike Zacheryp https:/ Significant Role of Environmental Pollution in Widespread of Infectious Diseases pArthur Perezp Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 8 https:/ Equivalent Regard for Counteraction of Cardiovascular Infection Kerim du https:/ Give a Clinically Valuable Device to Rehearsing Clinicians Liu Lewis https:/ The Advantage in Prolongation of an Illness Free Life Gorgas Hul Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 8, Issue 2 https:/ The Cause of Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Tomas lee https:/ Distance from Mass Anthelmintic Treatment Approaches Sang Park https:/ Examination of Quantitative Information was performed by Bivariate Mary Robert https:/ Assessing the Impact of 340B and the Carve Out on New Yorks Federally Qualified Health Centers Yvette Ng https:/ Biomarkers in Breast Cancer as in Variations Quantitative Parameter Measurements Theodore Elijah https:/ Cancer Cells Profoundly Reprogrammed Their Metabolic Pathways Tomas lee https:/ Mutations in Genes in the Development of Immune System Spalluto Gustaf Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 6 https:/ Encourage Development of Hepatitis C VirusRelated Quality Measures Jung Ghaddar https:/ Political Processes Structure the Food Health and Care Environments Lushniak https:/ Objective Body Composition Assessments Contributes to the Reversal of Lean Mass Loss Brann Aragane https:/ HealthCare Facility Funding and Country Income Level Were Important Drivers Kwaga Beatty https:/ Cognition at a HighEnd Restaurant with a NonHygiene Certificate Dinzeo Lee Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 5 https:/ Baseline Characteristics of a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial on the Effectiveness of a MultiComponent Intervention in Promoting Healthy Diet and Physical Activity in Adults with Diabetes in Oman Thuraiya Al Harthi, Thamra Al Ghafri, Fathiya Al Jufaili, Amjad Al Ghammari, Nawal Al Haddabi, Safia Al Araim, Aiysha Al Riyami, Sameera Al Bulushi, Hanan Al Kindi, Huda Al Kaiyumi, Sumaiya Ambusaidi, Shamsa Al Harthi, Huda Anwar https:/ Knowledge and Beliefs about Cervical Cancer Screening among Insured Women Living in the USMexico Border City of El Paso Ruth Forde https:/ Huge Tobacco Organizations and In Certain Occurrences Aamir Rashid https:/ A Wide Range of Consumers Products to Reduce their Flammability Subash Joel https:/ Ethnicity Inhabitant in SouthEast Poland All through the Pandemic Period Al Abdul Kader Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 4 https:/ Instrument the Nasal Check Side Effect Assessment Score Chi Zhang https:/ Insusceptible Designated Spot Inhibitors Immune System and Neoplastic Illnesses Blanca Delgado https:/ Neutralize Gramnegative Bacterial Lipopolysaccharides in Sepsis and Septic Shock Ismael Luna https:/ Pathogenesis and Potential Use as Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets Pariya Khoda https:/ Cancer Is Resistance against Chemotherapy Agents Jaime Mas Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 3 https:/ HighPressure Photon Ionization TimeofFlight Mass Spectrometry pbspan stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotHenry Wagnerspanspanbp https:/ HighPressure Photon Ionization TimeofFlight Mass Spectrometry Combined With Dynamic PurgeInjection pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotShuShispanspanstrongp https:/ Patterns of Tobacco Use among Smokers Prior to Hospitalization for an Acute Cardiac Event p classMsoEndnoteTextspan stylefontsize10ptspan stylefontfamilyCambria,quotserifquotstrongspan langENUS stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotPericot Valverdespanstrongspanspanp https:/ Innovative Approaches to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy and Improve Access to Contraception pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotSarah Heilspanspanstrongp https:/ Factors Associated With Covid19 Vaccine Acceptance and Hesitancy among Residents pstrongspan langENUS stylefontsize120ptspan stylefontfamilyquotCambriaquot,quotserifquotYiran Liuspanspanstrongp Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 6, Issue 12 https:/ Tobacco Usage and Its Implications on Behaviour Mental Health and Leading to Mortality pDavid Gilbertp https:/ Second Hand Smoke and their Implications on Children Health pKevin Wrightp https:/ Mental Illness and Psychological Implications Disorders pEthan Christianap https:/ Genetic Implications and Behaviour Analysis of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder pJoe Williamsp https:/ Degrading Environmental Health and its Implications on Human Health pLiam Davisp Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 7, Issue 7 https:/ Approaches Were Also Run Singly for Estrogen Receptor Positive Bayesian https:/ Ultramodern Day Repackaging of Racism within the USA Robert https:/ The Target of Our Review Was to Portray Examples and Determinants David https:/ A Few Speeds up Pathways to Quick Track Drug Endorsement Austin Fu https:/ Randomized Mediations Tending to a Main Gamble Factor Robert jhon Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 8, Issue 1 https:/ Family History of Premature Cardiovascular Death Jonathan Ghallab https:/ Therapies Target Pulmonary Endothelial Dysfunction Hopper Yuan https:/ An Estimated Half of New Infections in Adolescents and Young Adults Chirage Gisa https:/ Prospective Randomised Study Comparing Outcome Case of Hemorrhoids after Ligasure and Stapler Hassan Awad Saad https:/ Clinical Evaluation of Volume Plethysmography as an aid for Diagnosis of Heart Failure in the Primary Care Setting Scott C Howell https:/ Critical Review about Alumina Membranes for Water Purification Myeong Cho https:/ Requires a Culture of Inquiry for Research Implementation Nyantakyi Alison https:/ Prevent Tick Bites and Lyme Disease or Other TickBorne Infections Qian Ngorsuraches https:/ NonPharmaceutical Interventions Implemented To Prevent SarsCov2 Filia Manso https:/ Biomarkers as Early Warning Systems in the Evaluation of Disease Risk Rachel Nadia