Mini Review on Factors Influencing Health Behaviors throughout the Coronavirus Unwellness

Asma Tabassum*

Department of Biotechnology, Banasthali Vidyapith, India

Corresponding Author:
Asma Tabassum
Department of Biotechnology, banasthali Vidyapith, India
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: 04 July, 2021; Accepted Date: 21 July, 2021; Published Date: 28 July, 2021

Citation: Tabassum A (2021) Mini review on Factors influencing health behaviors throughout the coronavirus unwellness, J Prev Med, Vol.6 No.7: 102.

Copyright: © 2021 Tabassum A. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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This study explored the factors influencing health behaviors throughout the coronavirus unwellness 2019 (COVID-19) happening in China. The impact of perceived stress and positive perception of interventions on health behaviors in China were assessed victimization the extended information-motivation-behavior skills (IMB) model. The Question star on-line survey tool was accustomed construct a structured form supported the IMB model. Between fourteen and twenty two February 2020, throughout the height of COVID-19 epidemic in China, 2449 participants were recruited by snowball sampling on WeChat and Tencent QQ social media platforms in China. Information was collected through an internet form, and structural equation modelling was performed to gauge the extended IMB model.


Information-motivation-behavior skills model, COVID-19, Health behaviors, Perceived stress


On thirty Gregorian calendar month 2020, the planet Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus unwellness 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute metastasis syndrome coronavirus-2 because the sixth public health emergency of international concern. As of fourteen Gregorian calendar months 2020, there have been seven, 690,708 confirmed cases and 427,630 deaths worldwide. WHO risk assessment is incredibly high? Additionally, to public health, COVID-19 poses a significant threat to international economic and social development. To curb the event of the epidemic to the best extent, the Chinese government and alternative relevant departments targeted their medical resources on the treatment of infected persons and adopted a series of comprehensive interference and management measures supported the principles of dominant transmission sources, isolating transmission routes and protective vulnerable populations. At an equivalent time, relevant departments and organizations discharged timely and correct data regarding COVID-19, actively administrated health education and provided residents with authoritative, elaborated and specific operational interference and management pointers. Additionally, it absolutely was important for residents to follow the directions, adopt acceptable health behaviors and maintain healthiness habits, like properly carrying a mask and avoiding outings or gatherings. These measures facilitate to manage the epidemic and cut back the danger of infection.

The said interference strategy is per the idea of the information-motivation-behavior skills (IMB) model that classifies the factors moving the incidence and changes of preventive behavior into 3 elements of knowledge, motivation and behavior skills. IMB could be a well-proven methodology which will predict and promote health behaviors. It's been wide utilized in AIDS interference, health promotion, public health, chronic unwellness management, vaccination and alternative fields. The IMB model is simply regenerated into intervention apply and has broad pertinency.

This study adds 2 factors to the initial IMB model—perceived stress and positive perception of interventions. Stress and anxiety within the population tends to extend throughout public health emergencies, which can have a negative impact on health behaviors. Additionally, residents’ positive perception of state interventions might even have an impact on health behaviors, like the degree of understanding and support of intervention measures.

Therefore, supported the extended IMB model, this study explores the factors influencing Chinese residents’ health behaviors throughout the COVID-19 happening, and assesses the impact of perceived stress and positive perception of interventions on health behaviors. The results of this study give scientific basis for relevant departments and establishments to ascertain targeted comprehensive intervention programmers and interference measures.


This study collected information via a cross-sectional survey. question star, an internet survey form tool, was accustomed prepare a structured form that was target-hunting by the IMB model. Between fourteen and twenty two February 2020, corresponding with the height of the epidemic in China, the snowball sampling methodology was accustomed recruit participants on WeChat and Tencent QQ social media platforms in China. information was collected through an internet form. Every participant might become a ‘seed’ and expand the sample size by sharing the form with their social network. Participants were needed to browse the consent and conform to participate before gaining access to the form to complete. Inclusion criteria were as follows: (1) aged ≥18 years old; (2) ability to use good electronic devices (e.g., computers, tablets, mobile phones); and (3) conform to participate during this study (i.e. give knowing consent). Exclusion criteria were as follows: (1) tormented by a mental state ill health (such as neuroticism or depression) within the past year; and (2) response times of <1 min or >30 min.


Within the face of public health emergencies, the extended IMB model has been used as a theoretical framework to construct simpler interventions. The government ought to concentrate to substance and steering, strengthen positive interactions with the general public and disclose relevant data in an exceedingly timely manner to achieve trust and to keep up the positive public perception of the interventions. In terms of health education, the govt ought to target activity skills, promptly rectify ineffective interference data and lift awareness regarding the unwellness to alleviate stress and anxiety within the population.

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