Preventive Measures will Continue even after COVID Vaccination

Hilan Manda*

Department of Medicine, Osmania University, India

Corresponding Author:
Hilan Manda
Department of Medicine, Osmania University, India
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Received Date: January 07, 2021; Accepted Date: January 22, 2021; Published Date: January 29, 2021

Citation: Manda H. Preventive Measures will Continue even after COVID Vaccination. J Prev Med Vol. 6 Iss No.1: 70. doi:10.36648/2572-5483.6.1.70

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The covid19 vaccination at the side of public health measures would definitely be a safer choice than betting on assumed herd immunity from natural infections. We're going to need masks and distancing for quite a while, no matter the vaccine regimen. It was a long struggle to adopt a new normal of wearing face masks, maintaining physical distance, hand washing and on-and-off lockdowns. We're about to and would like to leave masks and distancing for quite whereas, in spite of the vaccine plan it was a protracted struggle to adopt a replacement traditional of sporting face masks, maintaining physical distance, hand washing and on-and-off lockdowns. Then, with the approval of 2 vaccines, came the expectation that the globe can presently be cured of COVID-19, which we tend to imagine that all can resume our regular traditional life. We don’t tend to hold on to our new traditional for much longer. However, variety of things, like those associated with the character of those 2 vaccines, our compliance with the non-pharmaceutical preventive measures (face masks, physical distancing, hand washing, isolation and quarantine) and also the monumental task of inoculating an outsized portion of the population, challenge our expectations of a fast finish to the present pandemic.


Vaccination, Herd immunity, Inoculating, Mass Vaccination, Preventive Measures, Transmission


Rollout challenges for vaccination to figure and bring home the bacon herd immunity. The purpose is that, as it becomes impossible for the virus to seek out inclined hosts to sustain its transmission — quite seventy per cent of the population has got to be immunized. Recently it absolutely was placed the vaccination rate to a necessary level of eighty five per cent and above. The capability of every company to supply the amount of vaccine doses required succeeding in seventy per cent of the population; and the provision of distributing the vaccines and administering the vaccine shots so much and wide. Hence, the demand for these vaccines is sure to stress the resources and also the industrial capacities. Each vaccine need phase change temperatures for storage and distribution, creating their speedy and wide distribution a challenge. The mail conditions for the ribonucleic acid vaccines create the administration of the shots a nightmare in terms of the necessity for an outsized variety of specialized vaccination stations and personnel. These challenges have contributed to the low daily rate of ten vaccination shots per a hundred populations per day in North American country in Dec. We want regarding eighty eight thousand shots per day for the remainder of 2021 to immunize the maximum amount as eighty five per cent of the Canadian population (with one shot). It was explained that as so much as herd immunity cares, we tend to still don't apprehend what fraction of our population has been infected in numerous components of the country; it's not possible that the whole country has reached the herd immunity threshold. Unless every individual is immune, we tend to or cannot say that herd immunity has utterly taken care of the matter, as a non-immune person remains inclined once he or she visits another cluster that has an actively spreading current virus.

Speaking on the chance related to resistance, the general public health knowledgeable explained, “If you are exposed to a large infective agent load from someone else, it will still overwhelm and overcome your immunity. Doctors and nurses operating in hospitals do get sick notwithstanding they're young as a result of they'd have non-heritable some immunity however once immense infective agent load enters into their body by the terribly sick patient or multiple patients their body might not be able to overcome that."

As we tend to still don't apprehend the period of the natural or acquired immunity and the way effective that immunity goes to be at a high level of viral-load exposure, following all precautions and preventive measures as before are vital going forward. Priority groups and mass vaccination in India need to gear up to immunize its population of 1.3 billion (130 crores) folks against the novel coronavirus. The vaccinations would be conducted in a very phased manner and priority teams are shaped supported vulnerability and essentialness of services.

The government has already declared that the primary in line is the three crore employees who were at the forefront of India’s battle against the Covid-19. The third priority cluster within the initial part are consisting of some twenty seven large integer persons on top of age fifty, and persons below age fifty, however with associated comorbidities.

We are moving into stages as a result of the most purpose of the vaccine is to stop the disease to be attacked, not the infection, the people who are most essential as the front line workers are most vulnerable (elderly and with comorbidities) are those prioritized.

Doctors and health workers are inclined towards the susceptibility of the disease as a result of continual infection and will impact essential services which can get affected or break down. This can be why each vulnerability and essentialness criteria square measure applied. And once that's complete, vaccination will begin for the overall population.


Despite vaccination trying just like the solely immediate hope, propulsion off what would be the largest inoculation drive and may be a frightening task to the massive variety of the population and will take several months to again settle the situations to the normal state. However long it'll take to immunize all Indians is additionally dependent upon the supplying of vaccine and accessibility of health hands for vaccine administration to the overall population. But until we've immunized over sixty per cent of the population and apprehend that the vaccine is effectively preventing the disease caused by COVID19 and transmission, masks are here to remain. It is better that we are abiding to the current preventive measures remains paramount.

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