Mitigating COVID19- Preventive Measures

Since December 2019, a respiratory pandemic known as coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) caused by a new coronavirus named as SARS-CoV-2, has stalled activities worldwide. The symptoms are fever, malaise, and cough which resolve in a few days in most cases, but may progress to respiratory distress and organ failure. Transmission is through droplet infection or fomites, but other modes such as airborne transmission and orofecal transmission are also speculated with upcoming recent validated evidence.

Research is underway to develop effective vaccines and medicines for the disease.

The Unani system of medicine for health protection during epidemics is a traditional system of medicine developed during the middle ages, which employs natural drugs of herbal, animal and mineral origin for treatment. In Unani medicine, during an epidemic, apart from isolation and quarantine, three measures are of utmost importance, which include the purification of surroundings using certain herbal drugs as fumigants or sprays, health promotion and immune-modulation, and use of health-protecting drugs and symptom-specific drugs.


Jenn Leiferman

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